Pointless site of the week

http://www.digholes.com. Click on where you live, and this site will show you where you’d emerge if you dug a hole through the centre of the Earth. Puts paid to all those crappy English comics i read as a kid where they thought they’d come out in China – Invergargill, more like it!

Excuse the pun, but i really dig what people have been doing with Google Earth, and I commend Google for making that data available for others to mess around with. There are some really cool location-based services out there that just wouldn’t exist otherwise. For example…

http://www.chicagocrime.org. This one really freaked out my mother (I have a twin brother living in Chicago). This site plots all reported crime in the area on a map, and allows you to filter by crime type (e.g. murder one), or simply enter your address and see what’s been going on nearby.

Been pretty quiet in your neighborhood lately Dave – you been away?


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