You can keep your Margaritas and your executive Irish stouts…

… as well as your pointless yet entertaining TV commercials. Lion Nathan, brewers of the finest beer money can buy has just announced plans to turn away from big expensive TV commercials.

One of the more telling quotes in the article came from Lion’s group marketing director, who said:

… Lion was shifting focus away from big-budget beer commercials into developing consumers relationship with brands.

Call me naive, but isn’t that what all those expensive TVC’s were supposed to be doing? Like what about this little number?

Not sure about drinking Lion Red, but it sure makes me want to stay the hell away from Michael Hurst when he’s had a few.

It’s great to see that many big advertisers are now starting to take their agencies to task on the cost-benefit of TV production*. If we look at beer in particular, some of the best interactive campaigns I’ve seen recently have come from Milwaukee’s Best Light, who continue to push the boundaries of technology and taste with really effective, targeted measures that relate to specific groups of customers. Compare this with the cost and ROI of the old TVC ‘shotgun’ approach, and these guys are laughing all the way to the bank.

Good on you, Lion. Damn, it’s 10am Monday and I now have an overpowering thirst for a Steinlager. Doesn’t normally kick in till 1pm.

*With the notable exception of Ferrit. Particularly ironic, given that that company is essentially in the business of selling online advertising.


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