Google market cap nearing $US 150b

Want to know why? I’ll tell you why – they’ve got a license to print money, that’s why!

An article in the Financial Times today pointed out that Google is set to overtake Britain’s main TV channels in advertising revenue.

The internet search company’s advertising revenue in the UK is expected this year to surpass Channel 4’s anticipated 2006 take of £800m. Within 18 months, it is forecast to overtake ITV1, Britain’s leading commercial TV channel and the country’s biggest single recipient of advertising revenue.

Are we looking at the end of broadcast television? Hopefully not. Are we looking at the end of TV advertising? Sadly not. Is it obvious that advertisers are wising up after decades of being scammed by ad agencies, and putting their money where they know the ROI is better? You betcha.

Welcome to the 21st century, kids.


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