Man Law!

Ok, so some of you will have picked up by now that my general opinion of ad agencies isn’t that high. By far the majority are still stuck in the 80’s, pouring money into pointless TVC’s that may win awards and raise a few smiles but contribute nothing to the client’s bottom line.

This campaign, on the other hand, is really cool. Take a bunch of well-known men – Burt Reynolds, Eddie Griffin, Aron Ralston (American hiker who amputated his hand with a pocket knife), etc – and have them sit around a table debating ‘Man Laws’. Topics include:

If your buddy’s girlfriend breaks up with him, how long should you wait before asking her out?
Is it time to retire the high-five?
Can a wife or girlfriend store non-beer items in the garage fridge?

The TV campaign was closely integrated with a website, where people could view all the ads (there are a ton of them), and also propose and debate their own Man Laws. The ads were also scattered through the various CGM and social networking sites. Search Google, YouTube, MySpace etc for ‘Man Law’ and you’ll find thousands of references to the Miller campaign site, and countless home-made homages and imitations.

Let’s just say that the buzz surrounding this campaign has been … ‘significant’. This has been a huge success for Miller, and should stand as an example to agencies around the world of what can be achieved with a well-conceived, integrated (across media) campaign that embraces its audience as participants, rather than spectators.

See Jon? I finally submitted a post that didn’t mention porn… D’oh!


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