You better watch out, you better not cry…

Yep, Christmas is just around the corner, and with it the regular barrage of advertising for this year’s expensive must-haves.

In addition to many new flavours of the ubiquitous ipod and (at last!!!) the launch of a NZ iTunes Music Store, gaming consoles are once-again the hot item. Sony looks to have missed the boat – in this part of the world, at least – for a pre-Christmas PS3 release (note to self – do NOT buy Sony stock), but I have to admit that the Nintendo Wii looks cool and is priced pretty reasonably ($500 for the Wii vs $1,200 for the PS3).

Gamers are funny. Really funny. Like moths to a flame they’ll do ANYTHING to feed their habit, which often entails going against all natural instincts (i.e. going outside) and queueing up outside shops for days on end to be the first kid on their block to have / see the next cool thing – be it a console, Star Wars prequel, or Anthony Daniels‘ autograph on their still-in-the-box original C3PO figurine.

Want to know what really gets under their skin? Make sure you’re the first in line the night of the next big product launch. Then, have your buddies film you enter the store, buy one, and then smash it to pieces with a sledgehammer in front of the 300-odd people still in the queue. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you!

Which reminds me of an article I found about this time last year that still cracks me up. If any of you have ungrateful children pestering you for the new ‘it’ toy, prepare to be inspired…


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