Danger is my middle name, baby!

Ok so this isn’t really relevant to the themes usually explored in this blog, but I’m hoping you’ll humour me ‘cos this is without doubt the funniest thing I’ve heard in years. And I swear it’s true.

My mother’s best friend (I’ll refer to her as JR to protect anonymity, though I’m not sure how long it’ll last) has a 19 year-old son, James. James recently applied to join the Police, and as part of the usual background checks, some officers visited the house to meet his parents. Here’s an account of the conversation that took place:

Copper: We really like James. He did well in our tests and his attitude is excellent. We do, however, have some concerns about his middle name.
JR: What’s wrong with ‘Charles’ as a middle name?
Fuzz: Well, according to our paperwork it’s actually ‘Danger’.

That’s right sports fans – the day after his 18th birthday, James changed his middle name to ‘Danger’. Fool enough to do it, smart enough to know that telling JR would be… bad. Mate if you’re reading – well done, and thankyou.


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