Confessions of a Used Car Salesman

I’ve recently decided to sell my car (sorry Jon – my ‘hairdresser mobile’). Although TradeMe Motors is the popular choice, there are thousands of listings and (thanks to TradeMe’s pretty reasonable pricing model) much of these are slow-moving (i.e. dodgy) dealer stock.

With all this ‘noise’, surely buyers would prefer simply looking in the paper, right? Sorting through fewer, more expensive, region-specific ads makes it easier to find a higher quality vehicle, right? Apparently not. This past weekend I ran the same ad in the Weekend Herald and at TradeMe Motors. The result? 6 calls from TradeMe, zero from the paper.

I should have known better!

By the way, if any of you feel like risking your own money trying to sell a car via the Herald Classifieds, don’t even try trying to book the ad online. Their instructions are simply to email the ad text, along with your contact and CREDIT CARD details, to their contact address. Emailing credit card details. Are they high on crack? Picture in your mind what ideal Internet security would look like. Now imagine the very opposite of that. The idea of any business making such a request in this day and age is ridiculous – trouble is, they probably get a lot of business that way because it’s so much easier than dealing with their call centre. And we wonder why people still get suckered in by phishing scams?


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