Credit where credit’s due

With ‘blog’ being in many ways the word of the moment, a lot of people have the misguided notion that blogging is a new thing that’s just come from out of nowhere to take the world by storm. Sure its popularity is growing at an amazing rate, but the format has really been around for quite some time.

How long? Don’t ask me why, but I was searching the Internet Arcvive this morning, looking for a link I remember my brother posting on his blog (, now defunct). I was amazed to see that Dave had been running his blog since August 2000. Early adopter? Yup.

Why the amazement?

  1. Certain enhancements aside (i.e. comments, RSS, tags), the format hasn’t really changed that much over the years. It was bloody good then and still is.
  2. It seems like only yesterday. Where did the time go?

Something that’s only just occured to me, and that has given me the boost I needed to grag my tired, blue collar (albeit temporarily) ass off the couch and back to the blogosphere is the realisation that blogging really does give you a certain immortality. Reading Dave’s blog I realised that the Dave of 2000 is now long gone, replaced by a much older and wiser (with certain exceptions – see next post) version. However, reading his blog provides a direct link back to Dave 2000. The relative merits of this we can discuss another time, but in the meantime you’ve gotta admit – it’s pretty cool.

If you’re reading this, Cock-Knocker, don’t let it go to your head – you’re still the same old asshole to me :-). And please re-start the KiwiRed blog so I can start collecting material for the wedding / funeral.


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