A room with a view

I borrowed Dave’s camera this morning when I ventured out for breakfast. I couldn’t find anything that could reasonably be called ‘breakfast’ (by anyone with the slightest understanding of basic nutrition), so had to settle for pancakes. Am working on the assumption that these hopefully just contain flour, eggs and milk – if anyone knows otherwise, please keep it to yourself or I could very well starve!

Seriously, the food in this place is just nasty. Huge portions, nasty food. No matter where you go its always the same: soup, buffalo wings, spare ribs, burgers, sandwhiches and steaks – all proclaimed by the proprietor to be the city’s/state’s best. I doubt that, and even if it were true that still wouldn’t impress me, given the competition.

Don’t get me wrong, Chicago is an amazing city and I really love it. It’s just a shame to see that on so many fronts (food, retail stores etc) people seem happy to trade off quality for cost. Nobody seems to care that you can’t find a good nutritious meal (trust me – I’ve looked), because what’s on offer is good and cheap. Well – cheap, at least.

A similar situation applies to *unprocessed* foods. Go to any market and you can buy *fresh* meats and vegetables, but it’s nothing like the quality we’re used to in NZ. I’d pay ANYTHING (seriously) for a piece of NZ lamb and some fresh vegetables right now.


Bitching and moaning aside, this is a fantastic city. Ths image below shows the view from Dave’s apartment. The big blue thing on the left is Lake Michigan. The road out front is Lake Shore Drive (guess why they call it that?), and the fun park with the ferris wheel is Navy Pier. Where Lake Shore Drive hooks round to the left before heading towards Navy Pier is the start of Michigan Avenue (if you were to keep going straight ahead instead of turning left to follow Lake Shore you’ll be on Michigan). Michigan Avenue is where all the prime retail is, including the Apple store (Apple stores are simply awesome!). So you can see we’re pretty central.

On a clear day you would see the top of the Hancock building towering above the cluster of buildings at the start of Michigan Avenue. Pretty cool view huh?

Looking back from the lake, Dave’s apartment is pretty much right in front of the intersection of State and Division Sts, right by what locals refer to as the Viagra Triangle and right in the middle of the Chicago party district. Wall to wall clubs, bars and restaurants. If I don’t get some sleep soon I am going to die.

Sweet Home Chicago

Anyhoo, click on the image to view a few of the better shots I got today. Am taking a river cruise later in the week to check out some of the city’s fantastic architecture (I had no idea that Frank Lloyd Wright was from Chicago), so stay tuned for more and better updates.

Rock on!


1 Response to “A room with a view”

  1. 1 Dane April 20, 2007 at 7:29 am

    NZ Lamb!? Bit early to be getting homesick bro!

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