Any coulrophobics in the house?

Since leaving NZ I’ve seen my fair share of … erm… ‘urban outdoorsmen’, but this guy has to be the creepiest by a country mile. If you’re ever passing though Soho and have an abnormal fear of clowns, make sure you stay the hell away from Golden Square at lunchtime.

In case you’re wondering, the ‘clowns‘ link above shows my brother Dave and some friends at a Halloween party in Chicago last year. If it isn’t quite obvious…

  1. Dave’s dressed as ‘Pogo the Clown‘, aka Chicago serial killer John Wayne Gacy. I have to admit the outfit is pretty much bang-on, right down to the red eyes.
  2. Gary, the guy in the middle (also a Kiwi), is dressed as Steve Irwin – surely the costume of 2006 (apologies to Bill Maher, who probably thought of it first. Actually, fuck Bill Maher – he hasn’t been funny in a long, long while. Ok, maybe a little funny).
  3. Like I said – they breed ’em classy round our way.

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