I’m baaaaaaaaaack!

Ok so you probably didn’t even know (or care) that I was gone, but this is my blog so just deal with it. I took off to Marseille with some friends this weekend, and it was awesome. I took a bunch of pics while out exploring, boating etc, but you’ll have to wait for those. In the meantime I feel compelled to share something I read in the free Metro paper on my way back from Gatwick this morning.

I’ll spare you the entire article ‘cos it was bloody boring – a silly puff piece about the recent antics of a disgraced British MP (the kind of press they beg for, and then complain about privacy invasion etc – anything to keep their name in the papers). However, three admissions in the supplementary / background information had me wiping coffee off the newsprint:

Boys and girls, if the opportunity ever arises, DO NOT invite Boris Johnson to a party at your house. Ever.


I’ve uploaded the Marseille pics, but haven’t yet added captions. If you’re so eager (you know who you are!) that you can’t wait a few bloody hours, click here to view.


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