I smell bullshit

I’ve voiced my skepticism regarding this ‘man-made global warming’ thing a few times in recent months, and some of you have been quick to jump in to condemn my apparent lack of concern for our (supposedly) ailing planet. As I’ve said before, it’s not that I don’t believe global weather patterns are changing – it’s clear that they are, but I’m still not convinced that it’s the result of anything man has done (for example, it may have something to do with our planet’s proximity to our galaxy’s single largest source of energy).

There’s a lot of good (and a lot of terrible) science on both sides, and I have yet to encounter a sufficiently compelling argument either way. One thing that weighs heavily on my mind, however, is the flipping great wedges of cash being made as the global warming industry hits full swing. Correction: I don’t think it’s anywhere near full swing yet. And I’m not talking about the Kyoto swindle here either (don’t get me started about that criminal waste of my tax dollars!) – I’m talking grass roots retail.

Example: check out this exciting new financial product I saw advertised on the tube today.

A ‘carbon offset mortgage‘? Are you fucking kidding me?

How is anyone supposed to take this issue seriously when there’s obviously so much money riding on making us believe – for right or wrong – that we’re all going to die if we don’t buy ourselves a smaller carbon footprint? Why is it that every time a new ‘colossal threat to our existence’ (see also Y2K, SARS…) is identified, the only solution is to throw billions of dollars at it? When H.G. Wells wrote War of the Worlds and filled our boxer shorts with mud, all we had to do was sneeze a few times and the problem went away. Judging from recent form, my guess is that if little green men do arrive one day with death rays in hand, it’ll be the World Bank called on to send them packing, rather than any military institution.

Did I mention this already? I smell bullshit.


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