Safari for Windows: first impressions

I was pretty excited to hear yesterday’s announcement about the release of Safari for PC. Having been primarily a Mac user for about four years I’d actually become quite a fan of Firefox, but I do like Safari. Still, Firefox for Mac is a far better user experience IMHO.

Without wanting to sound petty, for me it comes down to a few little things: Like when typing a URL in Safari there’s no ctrl-enter shortcut for entering a .com address. Why not? Firefox and IE have done this for years and it’s really handy. Also, Firefox has all those neat plug-ins you can install. E.g. The Web Developer toolbar – very handy.

Anyhoo, I’m sitting in an Internet cafe in Soho right now, having installed and then toyed with PC Safari for about an hour. My first impressions are pretty favorable. I really like the way Macs render text – much smoother and clearer than the traditional PC approach – and they seem to have ported this pretty well to PC Safari. I’ve read a bunch of criticism this morning surrounding PC Safari’s font rendering, but I’m not so sure. The image below shows two paragraphs of random text – the top one is rendered in PC Safari, and the bottom in PC Firefox. I know they’re crap-quality screenshots, but personally I think the Safari one looks much better. What do you think?

It’s also clear that this is a huge improvement speed-wise on IE, Firefox etc. On a PC it really is second to none. However…

I’ve just been reading about a major security loophole identified in PC Safari that could expose users to all kind of nastiness. I REALLY like this browser, but right about now I’m thinking it was a good idea to try this out in an Internet cafe, rather than risk screwing up my flatmate’s machine on day one of a beta release. Will maybe wait for a few security updates before trying again.

Oh, and if any of you get a call from an angry Internet cafe owner – you’ve never heard of me. Capisce?


2 Responses to “Safari for Windows: first impressions”

  1. 1 Dom June 12, 2007 at 1:10 pm

    Yeah it’s only a Beta dude, and so far I’ve heard it’s a bug that crashes the browser and “might be exploitable”. Not the same as a major security loophole…yet. Pretty fast browser though, v3.0 on the Mac seems as fast as reigning champ Camino 1.5…

  2. 2 Gareth June 13, 2007 at 12:19 am

    Hey Stu… just try typing no .com in safari and see what happens…. Safari is plenty quicker and you’re right renders type plenty prettier. However 3.0 Beta Alpha was useless on all our machines PPC and Intel here! Rendered beautiful minimal apple style white only webpages…

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