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What is it with you Harry Potter wierdos?

Four visitors arrived here yesterday via the search phrase “harry potter sex adventures”.

What, exactly, were you hoping to find? Actually, no – please don’t tell me!


Holy shit! I gotta check these stats more often!

Screw Facebook – I’m now hooked on reviewing my own webstats. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – you guys are fucking nuts!

  1. bloodninja
  2. a piece of crap in hands
  3. merv hughes
  4. if you don’t swing, don’t ring
  6. bloodninja+barbecue
  7. Gimme’ Head Till I’m Dead
  8. cock knocker
  9. ferrari porn
  10. bloodninja “I’m flaccid”

You’re all wierdos!

Looking through my blog stats this morning. Here are today’s top search phrases:

  1. cock knocker
  2. bloodninja
  3. “bloodninja”
  4. harry potter sex
  5. kiwis accent
  6. mr t a team van
  7. chris lynam banger up bum
  8. tucker max iphone
  9. ipod made in china
  10. charlie murphy shirts v blouses


Roll up! Roll up! The tote is open!

Ok so it looks pretty clear to me that Lindsay Lohan is headed for the slammer. Now taking bets on:

  • Length of her sentence
  • Number of days she’ll actually serve
  • Prison bitch name
  • Nature of inevitible mid-sentence sensation
  • Nature of first post-release interview

For what it’s worth here are my own picks:

  • 30 days
  • 3 days in the pokey, balance served at home
  • The Undertaker
  • Names Robert Downey Jr as her AA sponsor
  • Howard Stern’s radio show on Sirius. He’ll ask her do do a line of blow live on the air and she’ll do it.

Five bucks a pop, winner takes all. Make checks out to California Alcoholic Seeks Help (just the initials will be fine)

Top 10 things I didn’t miss about having a PC (ctd)

#5. Network card deactivates when on battery power. Um, doesn’t the fact that I’m using a laptop on a wireless network sorta imply that I’d rather not be plugged in to the wall?

This wouldn’t be so annoying if you could permanently tell the thing to keep the card active while on battery power. I turn it back on, it forgets, I turn it back on, it forgets… Maybe it is possible, but if it’s this hard to find does it even matter if the solution is there or not?

Stupid bloody thing! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

Once again, for the kids who missed it last week…

Jeez I crack myself up.

Just popped out for a schmoke and a pancake

The image isn’t out of focus. This is actually how things appear inside the Paradise ‘Coffee’ Shop. After you’ve been there 10 minutes or so.

The Supper Club. Breakfast in bed, Amsterdam style.

No cellphones while train in motion. Please pick nose instead?