If you can’t be with the one you love…

… you’re fucked. Whoever wrote that stupid ‘love the one you’re with’ song has obviously never raised a Labrador. I’m really missing Bentley today and it sucks.

My mate Bentley*

Did any of you guys catch Live Earth this weekend? I missed it live (as did most of the gazillions of people who were supposedly going to attend or watch at home), but knew something must’ve been up ‘cos our planet was that much… erm … ‘less warm’ today. Brrrrrrrrrrrr! If they keep this up we’ll be heading for another Ice Age! Or is that what we’re trying to avoid? Warming or cooling – which is it again?

It wasn’t all plain sailing though. In a scene set to go down in history as being more offensive** than Janet and Justin’s Superbowl tittie meltdown, Chris Rock actually said … FUCK … on television. Can you believe that? Chris Rock said FUCK. He did. Oh yes he did. I know you can’t believe it, but he really really did. Know what’s surprising? That people were surprised! They gave Chris Rock a microphone and expected he wouldn’t say the f-word? That’s like giving OJ a knife and expecting him not to stab any pretty white girls. It’s like giving [name removed on legal advice] a crack pipe, a midget and a jar of peanut butter and expecting him not to [actions also removed on legal advice]. It’s like giving Michael Jackson a ten year-old boy and … ok enough of the Michael Jackson jokes… right after this one:

Q: Why does Michael Jackson like twenty seven year-olds?

A: Because there are twenty of them.

Heh. Have a great week, kids.

* No, not dead – chillin’ in the Hawke’s Bay while I sort my shit out here in London. My heartfelt thanks to V and Matt for taking such good care of him (and to Dan and K for keeping tabs in the nicest possible way) – you guys rock!
** Ok it could have been, had anyone been watching 🙂


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