Now there’s something you don’t see every day

… unless you’re living in Baghdad, I suppose. One of these* bad boys just flew past my office window. Something going on that I should know about?

On a related note, Facebook has been working its usual magic of late and I’m stoked to be back in touch with some of the old ATC crew. I was never actually a member, but let’s just keep that between us, hey? For those of you not in London right now, guess where I’m going next Sunday, bitches! That’s right kids – the greatest movie of all time is showing at the O2’s ‘urban beach’ and I’ll be down front – shooting cheap tequila and reciting the script word-for-word. Jealous? Oh yes you are! Marty, Ryan – wanna come with?


Ok so I was just looking for some cool video links to include with the Top Gun bit when I found this. Really funny, and I have to admit I’ve made similar observations before – but I still think I’m gonna have to smash Tarantino’s head in if I ever meet him. That’s Top Gun he’s talking about, man – you can’t have a sense of humour about that shit.

*Yup, it’s a file image. I figure most of you wouldn’t know what the hell I was talkling about if I told you an Apache had just flown past.


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