Flame on!

When I were a lad we didn’t have Facebook. We didn’t have MySpace and we sure as hell didn’t have YouTube, Second Life, Meebo, iTunes, Nike Town, Gmail, Blogger, Joost, Milf Hunter or Twitter (thankfully, although I wish to God we’d had Milf Hunter!). We did have Usenet, and it was excellent. What was so great about it? Sorry, but if you don’t know by now you never will. Its day is pretty much done now, unless you’re student or a SERIOUS porn freak (same thing), but Usenet was where it all began – the birthplace of Darwin Awards, Dead Pools, trolling, and my own personal favourite – flaming.

Nobody seems to flame anymore, and that’s a damn shame. I’m not talking about this namby-pamby watered down ‘I strongly disagree with you sir’ crap that seems to be written by people whose mothers proof-read all their posts. When real flaming starts it’s like two gladiators being led out into the Collosseum… *sniff*… I’m getting all misty! Bring back real flaming!

Ok then…

Feelin’ lazy, so I won’t bother explaining why this guy felt the need to reach out and beg my wrath today. Let’s just get down to business…

Asshole: I notice you didn’t have the cajones to publish the comment though, or your response. So I guess you’re making an impossible request here. Ask again when you grow some.

Moi: Listen Canucklehead, if you could take your dick out of that moose* long enough to appreciate the context of my original post, you’d realise that your response was inappropriate and didn’t deserve page space in my beloved blog. The fact that you would return to check on how your little nugget was doing in the comment stakes only goes to confirm my original opinion, that you’re a clueless fuck with nothing better to do than pimp his 5 cents’ worth throughout the blogosphere, in the vain (trust me on this – you really don’t have a chance) hope that someone equally as retarded will agree with you and maybe even… admire you? Oooooooooooooh you can have a fan club! Maybe all go to the movies together, riding in the short bus? Ain’t gonna happen. Get cancer and die, fucknut.

*I hear the trick is to tickle its ear with a hockey stick. Eh?

A lame start, but I promise I’ll work on it!


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