I like Google

I really do. There’s no denying there are a number of issues they need to sort out (privacy, for a start), but I don’t for a second buy this ‘big brother is watching you, Google is evil’ crap flying around the blogosphere. That’s just tall poppy syndrome, plain and simple. Personally I love it that a couple of students with a great idea could follow it through, change the world and make fad wads of cash in the process. I’ve got no problem with that – shit, I’d sell my grandmother to the Nazis to be Larry Page. And you would too.


I have to admit that they really have their hands full with this copyright infringement situation. Erm … *someone I know* searched Google Video at the weekend, looking for the trailers for The Simpsons Movie and Die Hard 4. Included among the search results? Full-length downloads of those movies, which now take pride of place on … *his* PSP.

I haven’t used Google Video in a while, and the last time I did there was a delay between upload and publication so someone could check and make sure it wasn’t copyrighted material. I can only assume this has now been abandoned as the volume of files increased, but jesus – isn’t it obvious that a video file two hours long *might* contain a breach of copyright?

Great movies, by the way.


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