Australia has brought on a short backward square…

… David Boon being the natural choice. (heh. Go the 12th Man)

Don’t ask me why, but David Boon’s infamous Sydney-Heathrow binge just came up in conversation and I had a quick dig to get my facts straight. For those of you who have heard the legend but not the facts, here’s the juice courtesy of Wikipedia.

Boon achieved much fame and notoriety for consuming 52 cans of beer on a flight from Sydney to London before the victorious 1989 Ashes tour that saw Australia regain the trophy after five years of English dominance; the previous record had been held by Rod Marsh, who it is believed consumed 45 cans, although there is conjecture as to whether Marsh actually finished can #45, and some believe his attempt only equalled the record of 44 cans set by Doug Walters. Another passionate report of said record claims Boon finished 54 drinks totalling around 19.5 liters of beverages @ 5% alcohol (per 375ml serve), the majority of which consumed at such an altitude that the effects of the alcohol were doubled. Boon is often jokingly referred to as the “Keg on Legs” because of his legendary drinking exploits and dogged, iconoclastic batting displays. He is a unique interview guest, often giving short, clipped, amiable answers to every question.

Dude is my idol.


1 Response to “Australia has brought on a short backward square…”

  1. 1 Short Backward Square November 4, 2008 at 10:00 am

    Boonie is a legend. Will anyone ever beat that booze total?

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