Puck! Crunt! Rusted!

I must be having a pretty busy week, ‘cos I can’t even be bothered cursing properly. I swear I’ve got some decent posts brewing, but there’s… erm … shit going on right now that I really can’t share with you. Yet.

Hopefully this will keep you busy in the meantime:

I met with these guys yesterday. Based in (I think!) Shoreditch, Trampoline Systems has some of the coolest data visualisation toys on the market. Don’t know what data visualisation is? You could maybe think of it this way, Fuckpuppet – data is… um… data, but data visualisation is visual representation of said data (e.g. a graph). Back with us? Good.

I’m not entirely clear on the widespread commercal appeal of the aforementioned toys*, but their coolness is undeniable. Example: the federales released 200,000 Enron emails into the public domain a while back, and the Trampoline geezers thought (rightly so!) that this would make for a bitchin’ demo of their Sonar product. Seriously, this is fucking addictive! Browse Kenny Boy and Little Jeff’s email archives. Search the sum of all Enron emails for themes such as Chapter 11, Shredding, Insider Trading, Court, Paranoid and Redundancy. (I particularly enjoyed the emails purported to be from Jeffrey Skilling, calling various colleagues ‘cocksucker‘ etc)

Quite simply, this is… awesome.

*Ok, apart from the fact that they will OBVIOUSLY soon be bought out by Microsoft / Oracle for about a gazillion dollars.


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