Courtesy of The Onion

Local Muppet Held For Questioning In Chicken Sex Ring
October 2, 1996 | Issue 30•08

SHELBY, OH—An area muppet is being held for questioning regarding its role in an illegal underground chicken sex ring. The unnamed muppet, described as a blue, hyperactive, beaked male of unknown species, is suspected to have master-minded the operation, which involved some 2,500 chickens in 11 states. “Henrietta! Myrtle! Lucy!” the muppet shouted as Department of Animal Welfare officials dragged him from his home, where he was found naked Monday with more than two dozen female chickens.

Righto! Off to the pub now…


1 Response to “BREAKING NEWS!”

  1. 1 cessa August 19, 2007 at 11:39 am

    was trying to find out what you have been up to/have accomplished since i saw you last – is difficult to tell, when you are talking about chickens…. then the value of your ‘real blog’… who gives a f____?
    us normal people are just fumbling away w life, no need or time for face book or whatever the latest “if you have your life to waste: sign up here to make no difference to the world”
    anyway, from what i see, i dont know where you are or what you are doing!
    drop me a line

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