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Paris gets dissed by TLP

An article in The London Paper today, discussing Paris Hilton’s work ethic (sic), referred to the 26 year-old erm… [what the fuck does she do?] as:

a tireless socialite-cum-workhorse


And a nickname was born. Reminds me of a comment I read (don’t ask me why) in Anna Nicole Smith’s autopsy report:

her anus was unremarkable

That’s some cold shit right there. He could at least have sweetened the blow with something like “… but she has a lovely personality / great tits.”

I must need coffee.


Welcome to Workplace Diversity .101

Jon, you were always afraid I’d end up posting something like this. Happy now?

(click to enlarge)

I’m not really here

Still taking a break, but I gotta share these. Some of you will remember Billy T, the rest of you really need some schoolin’. Search YouTube for ‘Billy T James’ and you’ll find dozens of clips from the undisputed king of NZ comedy. The 80’s were so choice.