I’m baaaaaaaaaaaack!

In more ways than one. For those of you who hadn’t managed to pry it out of me via email, SMS, Skype, water torture etc (damned if you aren’t a persistent bunch), it ‘s true – I’m back in NZ after just six months in London. The reasons for the shift are deeply personal, but the end result is the same and I’m happy to be here. I’ve got a lot on my mind and a lot to do, but I know it was the right call to come back. Will look forward to catching up with all my NZ friends, fans and admirers over the coming weeks.

After such a long hiatus I’d like to offer more than a thanks and stay tuned, but truth be told I’m not spending a lot of time online right now. Will surely be back in the swing soon, once I’ve sorted out a few things. In the meantime, thanks to Vaughan for bringing this to my attention…

You might remember a while back I was decrying the pathetic state of flaming these days. Sure you do. Anyhoo, turns out some asshole momma’s boys (who, by the way, could only have found my pics by searching Flickr using hunting and firearms-related tags) took exception to some pics I posted earlier this year showing the miraculous transformation of deer into dinner.

We’re all entitled to our opinions on eating meat etc, and these jerks are welcome to their idiotic position that it’s evil to humanely kill and butcher a healthy animal in the wild, but perfectly fine to buy parts of one that was raised in a box and then slaughtered in sight of its family, whilst terrified and filled with the stench of blood, shit and death. Yeah. That’s much more humane, but I digress…

For God’s sake, people – if you’re going to flame someone will you please put some effort into it? I’m not offended by the flaming per se, more the lack of thought and creativity that went into it. If I’m going to break my back creating content that truely offends you, won’t you at least do me the same courtesy and come at me with a decent slew of insults? It’s depressing!

I’m seriously thinking about runnning a workshop on this – registrations and expressions of interest welcomed, via the usual channels. Now get back to work.


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