Notable Exceptions

I’d like to think it was obvious, but apparently I’ve managed to piss off some really good friends lately so maybe I’m too subtle for my own good. To clarify…

The observations leading to my recent ranting and raving about the shortcomings of digital agencies were based on my experiences looking for work in London at the start of the year, and on my return to Auckland last month.

Having spent nearly 5 years working at Marker, it was a complete nightmare finding an agency in London that was even worth talking to. There are hundreds if not thousands of digital agencies in that city, and of the dozens I had dealings with only one, Conchango, came even close to the level of professionalism, creativity and thought leadership I had come to know in my time at Marker. Conchango is without doubt the best agency in Europe, and I was very fortunate to be offered the chance to work there.

So I’ve been lucky enough to work with two world class agencies – why the ranting? Simple. Marker and Conchango are two notable exceptions in an industry plagued by mediocrity. Having worked with the best and once again set about seeing who’s around and what they’re up to, I don’t know which way to turn. I feel like an athlete who’s won Olympic gold at an early age – where do I go from here? Do I settle, and take a well-paying job in a mediocre agency? Or do I make some noise, shake things up and try to achieve some meaningful change in the industry and for our clients?

I choose the latter. I know it’s the right thing to do, and stand by everything I’ve written. But I do regret any possible inference that my comments may have been directed towards past colleagues or employers. Humble apologies etc.


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