Roll up! Roll up! The tote is open!

DP2008 is open

I’ve been getting a hell of a lot of chain letters and ‘virus alerts’ via Facebook lately. I’m really not bothered by it, but it looks like a lot of my friends are getting sucked in so for what it’s worth…

  1. There has NEVER been a genuine online appeal of the ‘for every person who forwards this email, [name of well-known rich guy/company] will donate [amount] towards little Jimmy’s cancer treatment’ kind. This should be obvious – can you really picture Bill Gates sitting at home thinking “fuck him, he only got 276 forwards, let him die of leukemia”? [*]
  2. The most effective means of keeping safe from hackers & viruses is to regularly update your antivirus software. Use a good one like Norton’s, or AVG – which has a really good free version. If you really want to keep track of what the latest viruses are, go to – but God only knows why you would ‘cos that’s like my grandmother reading medical journals to see what she’d liable to come down with next. Does is really do any good? Either way, please understand that ALL ‘virus alert’ emails are fake. Most of them have been doing the rounds for years – see:
  3. As a rule, any communication that instructs you to ‘send this to everyone you know’ is likely to be either malicious or inane – and either way will not be well received by the people you pass it on to. If you really want to make the world a better place, show the originators of this crap that we mean business by simply IGNORING them!
  4. Finally, and most importantly…

The end of the year is nearly upon us and you know what that means? Yup – time to get your entries in for Dead Pool 2008. It’s simple:

  1. Pick 10 celebs you think will kick the bucket next year.
  2. Send them to me (the names, not the celebs themselves – with the possible exception of Salma Hayek. If you have Salma Hayek, let me know and I will break my ‘keep those crazy bastards away from me‘ rule and send you my home address). All other entries must be online, method tbc – probably email, but am thinking about building a Facebook app
  3. When some lucky punter’s pony ‘shuffles off their mortal coil’, they receive (100- the pony’s age) points.
  4. Most points at end of 2008 wins bragging rights and title as most cynical bastard I know.

This year’s picks and scores (a TERRIBLE crop this year) can be found here.

Ok so start thinking about your picks and I’ll get back to you when entry details are confirmed.



1 Response to “Roll up! Roll up! The tote is open!”

  1. 1 Simonne Walmsley December 4, 2007 at 12:42 pm

    It’s very inconvenient that Norman Mailer and Evil Kineval have popped their cloggs a bit early, I must say.

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