Facebook spam: it’s all over, Rover!

Begin rant.

Yesterday I said that I wasn’t really bothered by all the stupid chain letters and virus hoaxes I’d been getting via Facebook. Truth is, I’ve received another dozen or so today and it’s really pissing me off. So much so that I’ve uninstalled Superwall and altered my contact preferences to filter this crap out.

I think the thing that infuriates me most was that some of the people passing this crap on went to varsity with me, so we’ve all been using email pretty regularly since 1995 at least. You’d think that these people would have picked up a few clues about e-etiquette by now!

If yesterday’s post doesn’t make it clear to you, here’s a rule of thumb that will always serve you well:

If you are ever encouraged to pass something on to everyone you know, don’t!

  • It’s annoying for the recipient, in that anyone with more than 2 friends will have seen it before and (presuming their IQ is greater than Forrest Gump‘s) immediately identified it as a hoax (if you need help with this, see Snopes.com the source for debunking online and offline urban legends, hoaxes etc).
  • It makes you look like an idiot (see above)
  • What’s more, it only encourages the annoying motherfuckers who make this stuff up. They thrive on your mindless complicity – DO NOT FEED THEM!

With any new technology there are always protocols to be established so we can all get along nicey nice. Unfortunately it appears that we’re on page one (still scanning the dust jacket!) when it comes to comms within Facebook, so we’ve got some long, hard and very very irritating yards ahead of us while we sort out the ground rules. Or we won’t, ‘cos this’ll get so damn annoying that we drop out in droves.

Mr Zuckerberg? If you can tear yourself away from your misguided crusade to deny the world the pleasure of reading your Harvard application*, you might want to look into this. If Facebook has an achilles heel, this is most certainly it.

*Fencing? Math team? Tech support? Science Olympiad? What a dork!

End rant.


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