But how did they know?

A couple of years back I logged on to Domainz to renew one of my domain names. As you quite often find these days I was presented with an image of some random letters, and instructed to type the letters in to the text box provided – the idea being to keep robots (malicious applications) out of their self-service area.

Click on the thumbnail below to view the security question. I made the screenshot myself. I swear it hasn’t been doctored in any way. Scout’s honour.


Reminds me of my first job in a digital agency. We were preparing to launch a text messaging application for a radio station, and one of the features we’d built was a profanity filter to save the DJ’s from ‘you guys suck ass’-type messages. So there we were. Two sweet, wholesome kiwi boys and a well-bred, Cambridge-educated Muslim. Gathered round a table sharing our extensive knowledge of curse words and entering them into the application database. Let’s just say it took a while, and when we were finished I was a changed man. Reckon I have grounds for an OSH claim over that one?


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