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Autograph hunting in the 21st century

Possibly construed by some as cyber-stalking, but I don’t care. For anyone who knows who Michael Arrington is, you gotta admit this is pretty neat. (click to enlarge)


Separated at birth?

Über chef Mario Batali, and owner of Springfield’s best and only comic book store… erm… Comic Book Store Guy. Seriously – throw the brother some orange Crocs and they’re the same person!

On a completely unrelated note, remember these guys? Ah, sweet reminiscence.

Now you see it (them). Now you don’t!

So Fozzie is back from the vet now, recuperating from an operation on Friday to help him lose a little weight. Make that two little weights.



Wincing? Legs crossed? You’re welcome.

Just like when I had Bentley done, he was high as a kite when I picked him up after the operation. A stoned Labrador is as funny as any other animal I suppose, only it’s harder to tell if they have the munchies ‘cos they’re always hungry.

I was lamenting to the vet that although I understand the health and behavioural benefits of neutering, there’s something pretty cool about seeing a big hairy pair of clackers dangling there while he’s walking in front of me. I declined his offer to install some Neuticles, but I was sorely tempted. In the end I decided that if Bentley had to go without then they both could, but it was a close call. Whoever invented those things should be working for NASA!

PS. Fozzie turns one year-old of June 6th. Sarah and I decided to make him a present yesterday – partly because we were bored (stuck inside on a cold and shitty Auckland Sunday), partly because the crate he sleeps in stinks and has gots ta go! If you can keep a secret, click here to view his present. Pretty cool huh?

The day the Internet stood still

Trey Parker and Matt Stone have produced some outlandish stuff over the years, and many have decried South Park as nothing more inane drivel and toilet humour. What the critics can’t seem to grasp is that beneath the bleeding Madonnas, Paris Hilton whore-offs and chicken f&^%ers is some pretty astute socio-political commentary and brilliant satire.

The creators of South Park seem to take great delight in pointing out the elephant in the room, which as Jon Stewart said is something the news media should be doing a lot more of but which sadly seems to be the responsibility of comedians these days.

Anyhoo, I came across this clip this morning (full episode here) and it really struck a chord with me. Think about it – how different would your life be if you woke up in the morning and the Interweb wasn’t working?



Ok, so Viacom managed to get the clip pulled less than 6 hours after it was posted, and right now there aren’t any other versions at YouTube. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t watch it – it just means you have to search further afield and provide ad revenue to a Ukranian pirate instead of the content owner. Oh well.

View the entire episode here

Doggie Style

Short and sweet today. I have more pics of Bentley and Fozzie, taken last week.

Click here to view

Go on. You know you want to.

You guys are vultures!

That’s not a bad thing – I actually quite like it.

For the past week or so, nearly 20% of all visitors to this blog have viewed the Dead Pool page. Now, I know you’re all probably gutted that nobody* anticipated Chuck Heston’s check-in to Hotel Dirt, but staring at all those sad blocks of black text with no skulls beside them isn’t going to change things. All you can do is try and come up with a better list for next year (Murphy’s Law says that if you do, at least three of your picks will be killed in a horrible gasoline fight accident on New Year’s eve, but don’t let that put you off), or if you’re really that keen to score some points rule 10 is still in effect.

Now – go do something useful**, will you please?

* Update: My bad! Hayden C now takes the lead from Tim the Crim with a healthy 16 points. Nice work.

**Heh. Don’t tase me bro! Love it.

Wocka Wocka Wocka!

Meet Fozzie. Fozzie’s parents are moving back to Canada (eh?) and so Bentley now has a little brother – a chocolate Labrador Retriever, born 6th June ’07.

I’d forgotten what hard work puppies are! Having Fozzie around has reminded me what a fantastic dog Bentley is, and how important it is to train them while they’re young.

As you can see he’s pretty overweight, and he’s also well overdue for some basic training. But he’s already best buds with Bentley so I figure we might let him stick around for a while. Will look forward to introducing him to you all soon.

ps. His nuts are coming off next friday, so please send any useful recipes, handy craft ideas etc to the usual address. I already have a kangaroo scrotum purse, and if barbequed dog testicles taste half as bad as goat I won’t even consider it – so you’ll have to dig deep to really impress me.

pps. I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!