You guys are vultures!

That’s not a bad thing – I actually quite like it.

For the past week or so, nearly 20% of all visitors to this blog have viewed the Dead Pool page. Now, I know you’re all probably gutted that nobody* anticipated Chuck Heston’s check-in to Hotel Dirt, but staring at all those sad blocks of black text with no skulls beside them isn’t going to change things. All you can do is try and come up with a better list for next year (Murphy’s Law says that if you do, at least three of your picks will be killed in a horrible gasoline fight accident on New Year’s eve, but don’t let that put you off), or if you’re really that keen to score some points rule 10 is still in effect.

Now – go do something useful**, will you please?

* Update: My bad! Hayden C now takes the lead from Tim the Crim with a healthy 16 points. Nice work.

**Heh. Don’t tase me bro! Love it.


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