Now you see it (them). Now you don’t!

So Fozzie is back from the vet now, recuperating from an operation on Friday to help him lose a little weight. Make that two little weights.



Wincing? Legs crossed? You’re welcome.

Just like when I had Bentley done, he was high as a kite when I picked him up after the operation. A stoned Labrador is as funny as any other animal I suppose, only it’s harder to tell if they have the munchies ‘cos they’re always hungry.

I was lamenting to the vet that although I understand the health and behavioural benefits of neutering, there’s something pretty cool about seeing a big hairy pair of clackers dangling there while he’s walking in front of me. I declined his offer to install some Neuticles, but I was sorely tempted. In the end I decided that if Bentley had to go without then they both could, but it was a close call. Whoever invented those things should be working for NASA!

PS. Fozzie turns one year-old of June 6th. Sarah and I decided to make him a present yesterday – partly because we were bored (stuck inside on a cold and shitty Auckland Sunday), partly because the crate he sleeps in stinks and has gots ta go! If you can keep a secret, click here to view his present. Pretty cool huh?


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