More Facebook Stalking

A while ago I mentioned a hilarious site I’d found, called Today I am proud to announce that I have been officially friended by the Patron Saint Of Douchebags (PSOD), Mr Joey Carrera (a.k.a. “Joey Porsche“).

I have no fucking idea why I find this so funny – it just is, so deal with it.

Next up…

No, seriously – I really did send the PM a friend request today. I can’t wait to see her status updates…

Helen is: Getting ready for a frolic in the bush (on Monday)
Helen is: Really enjoyed her *ahem* girls’ night in (on Tuesday)
Helen is: Heading down to Lake Tekapo (on Wednesday)
Helen is: Going tramping (yesterday)
Helen is: Heading for the hut (21 hours ago)
Helen is: Wishing she’d paid attention in that St.John’s course (5 minutes ago)

Wish me luck!

PS. On browsing Helen Clark’s friend list, is anyone surprised to see that:
(a) her only friends are other politicians;
(b) Parekura Horomia’s profile doesn’t have a picture on it; and
(c) There is no option to “poke Helen”?*

Me neither.

*Cheers Dave – how the hell could I have missed that one? I can only assume that feature is restricted to those with ‘inner beauty’. I.e. When she’s in ‘er – beauty!


2 Responses to “More Facebook Stalking”

  1. 1 dave August 16, 2008 at 5:40 am

    Additional insight on Helen’s profile page:
    c) There is no option to “poke Helen”


  1. 1 Everything you need to know about Helen Clark « Si Quando Dubium, Illic Est Scilicet Trackback on September 12, 2008 at 9:09 pm

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