My Name Is Bruce

Well, not my name. Dave was nearly called Bruce (thus his middle name), but I’m not referring to him either. For those of you who have no taste in movies at all and/or have been living in a bunker deep in the woods with no news of outside world, Bruce Campbell is the greatest actor of our generation. My generation, your generation, their generation… you get the idea.

Probably the only B-grade actor ever to make the A-list (and definitely the coolest), the only reason his legions of fans haven’t hunted down and killed the Academy voters who continue to deny his rightful recognition is that Bruce is waaaaaaaaay too cool to give a shit about Hollywood. Screw Hollywood. Screw the Oscars. The greatest honour an actor can receive is to be Bruce Campbell.

As you can tell, I have something of a man-crush on the guy, but that’s ok – Man Law: Man-crushes are totally gay, unless they involve Bruce Campbell*.

Anyhoo, I hadn’t been by Bruce’s blog for some time, and checked in this evening to see what the greatest actor of our generation has been up to. Well here it is. My Name is Bruce – 100% honest-to-goodness B-grade extravaganza. Awesome.

This is gonna be bigger than Elvis! Well, Bubba Ho-Tep maybe. Stay tuned – will post a review when my download completes the DVD arrives.

*An example of ‘The Bruce Campbell Rule’ in effect. Universally accepted among people who know what the fuck they’re talking about, The Bruce Campbell Rule simply states “Except for Bruce Campbell”, and can be applied to counter any rule or convention that would otherwise inhibit the actual or perceived greatness of Bruce Campbell.


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