Could our judiciary be more out of touch?

Judge David Harvey (a.k.a. King Canute) has ruled that the men accused of murdering teenager John Hapeta can be named in newspapers, radio and tv, but not online.

Judge David Harvey a.k.a. King Canute

Their names are Nathan Williams and Daniel Tumat. Sue me. (Thanks Harry, I stand corrected) Go on, send me to the big house. I hear it’s nicer in there anyways.


2 Responses to “Could our judiciary be more out of touch?”

  1. 1 Harry Young August 27, 2008 at 11:58 am

    Judges in NZ are increasingly using supression of all medias and often even supress the reason that they are supressing. I have seen it from the victims perspective and it is a staggering betrayal of the victims and of justice.
    The Jury/justice system is on it’s last legs, but Judges and Lawyers are fighting to keep the system as it is, even though it is completely failing to provide justice for victims and for society as a whole. (Jurors only get $30 per day so most people wriggle out of it, leaving the quality of jurors low. AND then they only hear half of the story)

    TheJudge and Lawyers reasons are twofold
    1. they profit from the staus quo. The whole system is a game, where they write the rules and where they can not lose, however long they draw things out. They just get paid, whatever, for playing their game and they actually enjoy the intellectual stimulation of discrediting the other side as opposed to seeking truth and justice..
    2. they are of a generation who thought that we could cure criminality by being nice to criminals and educating them. Wake up! They are scumbags.It doesn’t work! The public are only safe when offenders are locked away. (And the right offenders, not framed up innocent ones)

    So, now they are trying to use supression to block public scrutiny.
    And in this case, the Judge is using the inevitable discussion of his bizarre action to publicise his new book.
    How corrupt is that? Justice for the victim is out of the window to make a few bucks.

    Sadly, youare not subject to being sued, but charged with a criminal offence with a criminal record and possible imprisonment. Crazy.

  1. 1 When copyright goes wrong « Si Quando Dubium, Illic Est Scilicet Trackback on August 28, 2008 at 1:31 pm

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