You guys are sick!

The list below contains the top 50 search phrases that have delivered visitors to this blog since August 2006. If nothing else I guess it’s proof positive of rule 34, and its corollary – ‘if porn exists, no matter how obscure or depraved the subject matter, there is some sick bugger out there looking for it’.

I’m not sure what’s worse – that you guys are looking for this stuff, or that Google thinks I have it…

joey porsche
paul newman
apple logo
harry potter sex tape
bmw crash
joey carrera
ferrari enzo
championship vinyl
workplace diversity
diversity in the workplace
bmw m5 crash
a team van
if you don’t swing don’t ring
crash bmw
m6 crash
logo apple
merv hughes
bmw m6 crash
mercedes slr
bmw m3 crash
gun license
firearms license
anus girl
original apple logo
supercar crash
harry potter sex
young paul newman
harry potter sextape
a-team van
cock knocker
if you dont swing dont ring
if you don\’t swing don\’t ring
if you don’t swing, don’t ring
chicago architecture
jimmy the dwarf
m3 crash
harry potter sex video
man made global warming myth
paul newman young
diversity in workplace
harry potter sex tapes
autobahn crash
blood ninja
“joey porsche”


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